​World-class achievers have developed a subconscious ability to identify and eliminate mental frictions, which is now available to you.

Who benefits from Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy coupled with Neuro Linguistic Programming, mindfulness meditation and a tailor made psycho educative approach is highly effective for clients who wish to optimise their performance but are not getting the answers they need. This intensive therapy format will target the invisible subconscious frictions that limit your mental performance and cause anxiety, lack of clarity and focus, self sabotage behaviours and decreased motivation and self-confidence.

Theory behind Hypnotherapy

So-called unconscious frictions rooted in childhood associations, outdated emotional learnings, and unprocessed trauma inhibit our performance and impact our mental well-being. To pass the threshold of our current limitation, we will identify and eliminate these mental frictions. Since the subconscious mind governs 90% of our behaviour, we will align the subconscious mind to our conscious desire.

Subconscious Mind

Understanding subconscious processes can help give you the unique opportunity to make powerful behavioural shifts. You can target a specific behaviour, habit, or friction or work on several more minor limitations.

Access through Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a gateway to access a state of deep awareness. You are extremely focused, detached from the immediate environment, free from distraction, and absorbed by inner experiences such as feeling, emotions, thoughts, cognitive conclusions, and imagery. In this state, what is being imagined feels very real and you can either change your emotional response through suggestion or learn about your subconscious processing.

What kind of Results can you expect?

A video about Clinical Hypnotherapy

Science & Research Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Dr. David Spiegel, a hypnosis expert and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, has shown hypnosis acts on multiple brain regions and has been found to quiet parts of the brain involved sensory processing and emotional response. Learn more here. 
  • Irving Kirsch, a lecturer and director of the Program in Placebo Studies at Harvard Medical School has found that hypnosis coupled with traditional forms of therapy not only delivers better result but also make the change more permanent. Learn more here and here
  • A study on weight loss reports that after four to six months, patients undergoing CBT+hypnosis dropped more than 20 pounds, while those who just did CBT lost about half that amount. The hypnosis group also maintained that weight loss during an 18-month follow-up period, while the CBT-only group tended to regain some weight. Learn more here
  • Len Milling, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Hartford, and Spiegel describes hypnosis as “when the outside world fades away”, and “as a state where the person’s mind is completely absorbed.” Learn more here

What We Have Here for You

Our Performance Package contains a 21 days pre online coaching programme, followed by a 2 1/2 days of intensive treatment, and follow-up online meetings. You will focus on identifying and collapsing the roots of your issues and reprogramming subconscious processes using evidence based therapy method including Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness meditation. 


Personalised Treatment

Highly individualised & targeted to your specific symptoms, and preferred treatment outcome.

Treatment Lengths

This treatment is intensive but short and equivalent to 20 hours of weekly therapy sessions.

Holistic Approach

Hypnotherapy will be supplemented by Neuro Linguistic programming, mindfulness meditation and visualisation

Safety First

Comprehensive intake & sorrow screening to check your suitability for the programme.

Private Care

Your therapist will be only available for you and is reachable 24/7 during the intensive phase.

Comprehensive Follow-up

Follow-up assessments (one week, three months) & detailed treatment plan if needed.

"I couldn't believe how my environment started changing and how I started attracting the right people and situations to my life"


Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy induced through an effective aid of clinical hypnosis in a direct and evidence-based intervention. It has a wide range of benefits in treating mental issues, addressing unwanted behaviours and learning new habits for a more skilful relation to the outside world.

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon but in itself is not therapy. It is a gateway to access a state of deep awareness in which you are extremely focus, detached from the environment, free from distraction and absorbed by your inner experiences. Clinical Hypnotherapy uses this particular state to change the emotional response to a situation through suggestion or/and identify and identify and heal the roots of an issue.  

While many clients are good candidates for an intensive approach, this program is designed for those who actively want to explore their full potential. 

It requires an active participation and commitment to the process. This program has been used on elite athletes and does not only remove mental blocks, negative subconscious associations but also teach you how to tap into the deepest resources of your mind. 


The short answer is : you are.

While some people are more receptive than others to hypnosis, everyone can reach the hypnotic state with practice.  Our performance program is designed to to optimise your hypnotisability . Prior to the intensive therapy we will assess your suggestibility to make sure we tailor make the experience to your profile. 

Hypnotherapy is considered a generally safe treatment. Even so, Clinical hypnotherapy and other forms of psychotherapy may cause some side effects, such as:

  • an increase in distressing memories
  • heightened emotions or physical sensations during sessions
  • lightheadedness
  • vivid dreams
  • the surfacing of new traumatic memories

These symptoms will typically resolve as treatment continues and can be immediately addressed in the intensive treatment format. This is a HUGE advantage compared to weekly therapy.

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