Trauma And Sound Healing

Sound healing can help to balance and harmonise us. Stress, tension and disease are manifested as a state of disharmony. Sound healing acts on the autonomous nervous system, the system that is also affected by trauma. Therefore sound healing works by creating (1) sympathetic resonance; this means an area of imbalance is bought back into …

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The Window of Tolerance

The stress of a traumatic or otherwise negative event may affect if a person can stay in their window of tolerance. A narrowed window of tolerance may cause people to perceive danger more readily and react to real and imagined threats with either a fight/flight response or a freeze response. It can also determine how EMDR therapy is tolerated. We must …

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How Trauma Is Trapped in the Body

Trauma is not logic and stored in part of the older brain, the so called survival brain that is mainly responsible for autonomous functions such as breathing, sleep hunger. Therefore, it is difficult to access trauma memory and fully process an event where you felt trapped, helpless, powerless or all of it together.

How EMDR Heals Trauma?

EMDR is one of the most impactful methods of psychotherapy. A key goal of EMDR is to desensitize disturbance. In EMDR, a low level of disturbance resembles a quiet body. While we may have feelings about what happened, we have new clarity and a clear mind. More information on what EMDR is can found on this worksheet.

Healing Power of EMDR

EMDR was originally developed and used for PTSD, for obvious traumatic events with a sense of helplessness and powerlessness. More and more research shows that EMDR is also highly successful in treating depression, anxiety, chronic medical conditions, addiction, sleep disturbances, and more.

Am I Traumatised?

Trauma Education I The event’s magnitude does not define traumatic memory but how the body is processing and storing the memory. Compared to memories without trauma, traumatic memories are unprocessed, fragmented within the brain, and disable us from talking about the trauma and remaining calm in our body.

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